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Experience The Thrilling Excitement of George Brown Band - Live Music Entertainment at Its Best.
~ Demiurgic ~


My name is George Brown, formally known as Lil George. I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana born and raised. Music is spiritual and therapeutic, it's my love life. New Orleans traditional Jazz, Funk, and R&B are my heart and soul. I possess a creative, energetic powerful force and personality. SoulPowering that'll have you in limerence, "Ya Kno".


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Origin:  New Orleans, LA


Genres:  Pop, Funk, & Soul


Years Active:  2017- Present


Label: Demiurgic Pro./Gallatin Street Records



  George Brown is a legendary artist that has been making waves in the music industry. With his unique blend of R&B, Pop, Soul and Funk, he’s created a sound that is energetic, passionate and fun. His natural charisma lives for the world to see.

  The band is made up of experienced and diverse artists that bring their own flavor to the music, making every song a captivating experience. With their vibrant personalities and talent, George Brown Band is sure to leave a lasting impression on your mind. 


  Put on your dancing shoes and experience his residency every Saturday in New Orleans at the Historic Blue Nile. Check out his Italian design footwear brand. A legacy George has built in honor of his father.

GBB is committed to going above and beyond to guarantee our clientele a satisfying soulful experience. 

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